A Subsidiary of  PHUTURE® Foods

Consumer awareness of the positive social and environmental impacts of plant-based proteins are continuing to rise – compounded more recently by the closure of meat production facilities and supply chain disruptions.

A subsidiary of PHUTURE® Foods, food technology company – PHUTURE® Daging is set out to serve the growing demand of alternative meats in the world.

PHUTURE® Daging comes as a game-changer and sees a great potential for effective throughout the food system because we know that with our right investments and resources, agriculture and food manufacturing systems in place, we can provide adequate, affordable, safe and nutritious food to everyone, everywhere, every day.


Being on the forefront of plant-based meat options, PHUTURE® Daging offers only the best alternative meat options catered to both the local and international community.


Our vision is to tackling food
sustainability and security concerns which stem from environmental issues by developing and formulating a variety of plant-based products without compromising on the essential nutrients and great taste.


Make Meat From Plant

Our R&D experts identified substitutes within the plant kingdom and combine with varieties of plant protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, natural colors and natural flavoring to mimic the texture and taste of meat with even enhanced health facts. Bring the taste of PHUTURE® home with you and experience how versatile our plant-based meat is.


Less Total Fat (%)


Less Saturated
Fat (%)


Less Calorie (%)


Cholesterol (mg)


+ Fiber (g)


+ Calcium (mg)


+ Iron (mg)

Cholesterol Free

Low Calorie

High Protein


No Added Hormones

No Added Antibiotics


Vegan & Vegetarian

Buddhist Friendly


Plant-based protein solution specially curated for your menu

We are here to provide support and
innovative solutions by incorporating
plant-based protein into local infused menu

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